Friday, July 12, 2013

Food Photography - Because We All Have To Eat


I have made my living as a professional chef for more than thirty years but always kept photography separate, concentrating on nature, landscapes and wildlife, architecture, cars, almost anything except food. A few months ago I fully realized this gap in my subject matter and decided to do something about it. This realization came about because I was considering starting another blog about healthy eating.

The new blog would need photos. It did not make sense to me to try to source these photos elsewhere when I could do it myself and get exactly what I needed for each post. So I began a new photographic journey to teach myself food photography.

Following my usual path, I started reading books, doing on-line research, checking out existing food related blogs and studying the illustrating photos in the big food print magazines. My food shots gradually began to improve as I learned from outright mistakes and near misses. I do not yet feel I have developed a real personal style in food photography but am definitely making progress.

Here are a few of the results so far that I am happy with:
Vegetable Saute
Shiitake Mushrooms
Cinnamon Sticks
Roasted Coffee Beans
I will continue on this journey and continue to learn. The healthy food blog(ThinkEatBeHealthy) is now a reality and you can see more of my food photos there.

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