Thursday, July 25, 2013

Flower Photography

Red Rose 4
 Flowers are the subject of an on-going personal photography project, one that has gone on for many years now and will probably never end(I hope). I photograph flowers just because: just because I find them beautiful and interesting, just because there are so many different shapes and colors and sizes, just because they are found in so many places, just because they continue challenge my photographic skills and creativity, just because I feel like have yet to capture the perfect likeness or "essence" of a flower.
Water Lily
Sometimes I am driven to try to get the perfect likeness of a particular flower. Just how does this blossom look to me right now? What attracted me to it? Why did I want to photograph it? Can I answer those questions with one photo? Will someone looking at that photo "get" it? These are the questions that really drive me photographically.
White Lily
 Sometimes it is the graphic qualities of a flower that attract me. I want to capture and share the wonderful design, the lines and shape, the color and contrast. Texture and shading can make compelling photos by themselves and flowers are able to supply plenty of both.
Bottle Brush Tree Bloom
Photographing flowers can be a very soothing, peaceful and meditative experience. Is it possible to convey to the viewer this sense of calm and awe, of being in the presence of the source of life? This is why I think most photographers feel such a sense of urgency about conservation issues and the need to preserve nature.
Datura Blossom

Flowers can simply be things of abstract beauty. This can be the most difficult aspect of all to capture with a camera. But it sure is fun to keep trying. To me, this is trying to capture the true wonder of nature and of how we are just a small piece of the whole picture.
So I keep taking photos of flowers. I keep trying new approaches, new techniques, different focal length lenses and different lighting. I just can't seem to help it. Maybe some day I will be fully satisfied with my result. I do not think it will be anytime soon.
Red Rose 4 Black & White

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