Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Welcome to the Florida Image Tools blog!

I am John W. Rivard and this is Florida Image Tools, a companion blog to the Florida Image Tools web site. I will supply a steady stream of information about photography in Florida. A wide range of topics and personal opinions will be presented. My goal is to make using a camera to make great photographs of the sunshine state easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

I have been using a camera since long before autofocus or digital capture were available. My tools of choice are Canon digital cameras and lenses, Adobe PhotoShop running on HP computers and prints from a 13” wide-body HP printer. Extras include a Wacom pen tablet, extra Western Digital hard drives for storage, a sturdy tripod & ball head, a monopod and a small laptop computer for traveling.

 Some of the topics covered here will be new camera equipment releases and occasional reviews, computer hardware and software for photography and photography techniques and tips. Florida’s many public parks, attractions and other photogenic areas will be covered. Tips for traveling with photography equipment, whether by car or commercial plane are also planned. And I will leave myself open for anything else related to Florida photography that inspires my writing bug.

I hope you enjoy this blog. Please let me know in the “comments” if you do. Also please let me know if you don’t like a post and feel free to suggest new topics.

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